Best Forums For Students – High-School, Undergrad & Grad School Forums List

Forums for students, as well as discussion or message boards and online communities are still the best way for high-school, college undergrad or grad school students to acquire and exchange useful knowledge and information about their studies, the student life, school orientation and everything in between.

So whether you are a student or a teacher looking for active student communities online, or a content creator / marketer seeking to reach that demographic and / or to build a solid back-link profile in that niche, here’s a list of the top forums for students (in no particular order):

Subreddits For Students

  • r/School: a place to get help, advice, rant, and anything related to school., ~25k members
  • r/HighSchool: a subreddit for all things related to high school, ~30k members
  • r/GED: a forum for GED and High School Equivalency Information, ~4k members
  • r/College: a subreddit for discussions related to college, ~500k members
  • r/ApplyingToCollege: a forum for college admissions questions & discussions, ~350k members
  • r/CollegeResults: subreddit dedicated to compiling undergraduate and transfer admissions data, ~16k members
  • r/CollegeMajors: a place to discuss college majors and minors, ~3k members
  • r/CollegeTransfer: a subreddit dedicated to helping students with the transfer process, ~3k members
  • r/TransferStudents: a forum about transferring between higher education institutions, ~4k members
  • r/GradSchool: students of any discipline completing post-graduate studies, ~200k members
  • r/6thForm: the home of sixth form and A-levels, ~40k members
  • r/Alevel: a place to discuss AS and A2 subjects, ~7k members
  • r/Physics: a subreddit frequented by physicists & scientists, ~1.7m members
  • r/csMajors: a forum about studying and students of computer science, 90k members
  • r/CompSci: computer science for hackers, hobbyists, professionals, and academics, ~1.4m members
  • r/Medicine: a subreddit for medical professionals, ~350k members
  • r/GRE: a discussion board for GRE advice, tips & questions, ~50k members
  • r/GCSE: a place for tips, advice, resources and memes for your GCSE exams, ~30k members
  • r/IBO: subreddit for all things concerning the International Baccalaureate, ~85k members
  • r/ACT: the forum for all things ACT & ACT preparation, ~110k members
  • r/Sat: a forum to discuss the SAT and forms of preparation for taking the test, ~180k members
  • r/Mcat: a forum for MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) advice, ~160k members
  • r/LSAT: a forum on Reddit for LSAT (Law School Admission Test) advice, ~100k members
  • r/engineeringstudents: a place for engineering students of any discipline, ~400k members
  • r/businessschool: for discussions related to business school & case studies, 25k members
  • r/LawSchool: a forum for current and former Law School students, ~180k members
  • r/lawschooladmissions: subreddit for law school admissions discussion, ~110k members
  • r/UniUK: a forum for current, past & future UK university students, ~20k members
  • r/OntarioUniversities: subreddit for everything related to Universities in Ontario, ~20k members
  • r/GetStudying: a motivation forum for students, ~240k members
  • r/gradadmissions : a forum for those getting into graduate school, ~120k members
  • r/adulting: a subreddit for people who are actively trying to be adults, ~75k members
  • r/scholarships : a subreddit for scholarship opportunities for *U.S. students*, ~35k members
  • r/povertyfinance : personal finance for the financially challenged, ~400k members
  • r/internships : a forum about navigating internships and co-ops, ~30k members
  • r/careerguidance : a place for career options, questions and advice, ~300k members
  • r/findapath : a forum for passionate dreamers to find a suitable career path, 210k members
  • r/resumes : a forum for résumé critique, advice & examples by field, ~250k members
  • r/HomeworkHelp : a subreddit to help you learn & find answers, ~160k members
  • r/CollegeHomeworkTips: a forum for college homework help, 10k members
  • r/MathHelp : a sub for helping you with your mathematics problems, ~25k members
  • r/learnmath : a place for math-learning resources & Q/A, ~220k members
  • r/chemhelp : a forum for your questions about chemistry, ~50k members
  • r/Essays : a subreddit for your essays, feedback and prompts requests, ~10k members
  • r/Proofreading : a forum for free proofreading (no cheating on homework), ~12k members
  • r/Procrastinating : a forum to help you stop procrastinating your future, ~1k members
  • r/textbooks : a forum for textbooks ( exchange, reviews & recommendations), ~10k members
  • r/FreeEBOOKs : a subreddit to find great free e-books, ~1.2m members
  • r/eFreebies : a forum to find links to digital freebies, ~170k members
  • r/CollegeLPT : a forum for college Life Pro Tips (LPT), ~5k members
  • r/ResLife : a subreddit for current and past resident assistants, ~3k members
  • r/GreekLife : a forum for Greek-life-related ideas, activities, events & advice, ~8k members
  • r/Sororities : a place for past, current and future sorority members, ~12k members
  • r/Frat : a place for past, current and future fraternity members, ~60k members
  • r/studentfood : a forum for food recipes, deals, tips a Q/A for students, ~12k members
  • r/CollegeRant : a place to rant about the College experience, ~20k members
  • r/BackToCollege : a subreddit for those going back to college, trade school … etc, ~6k members
  • r/LifeAfterSchool : a forum to discuss life after college, high school, university, etc, ~50k members
  • Reddit College Directory: you might find a subreddit specific to your college or university in there

College Confidential

This website offers good advice to students in order to help them choose their college depending on what career path they wish to pursue later in life. It has an active forum with loads of career experts as well as students / graduates a few years your senior.

Also, there is a search option where students can look for specific colleges or universities at the top, the search results will include student testimonials, expert guidance & information on submission processes, test preparation, scholarships and financial aid…etc.

Top Universities

The Top Universities website helps students explore many options when it comes to their higher education. It is easy to get in touch with experts as well as with other students and get the best advice in the community section.

Furthermore, the Top Universities website receives +10 million visitors on average per month, so they have a very active community.

Physics Forums

Physics Forums started as high school extra credit assignments in 2001. With time, it has developed into one of the most popular and helpful forums for all students’ science subjects in general, but physics in particular remains the main topic.

The physics forums offer a big community for students where they can share knowledge with each other, with active threads getting hundreds of views and dozens of comments.

Also, The traffic remains high as all the information is posted at different times throughout the day. You can enjoy informative posts and make friends who are passionate about STEM, while also focusing on your studies.

Math Is Fun

Math seems like a challenging subject for most students. With the help of “math is fun” students can improve their grades and have a basic understanding of math quickly.

On Math Is Fun you will find puzzles, games, quizzes, and worksheets to guide all students about math principles, which makes the learning process a lot more fun and entertaining for students. The forum connects all students to help with equations, formulas & other math problems.

The Student Room

The Student Room is a great place to ask questions since it is much more active than your average school discussion board. If you have any questions about a certain subject or want some help in completing an assignment, then you can join The Student Room.

However, you should know that The Student Room targets mainly UK students, although the online platform will help you to engage with millions of students from all around the world.

Student Edge Forums

Student Edge is a website for the largest member-based organization of high school, TAFE, VET and university students in Australia.

They have a pretty active forum for students where they can discuss anything from homework tips & overcoming procrastination, to careers and job search issues.


Goconqr is a community web tool that allows you to create advanced learning materials using flashcards, slides, mind maps, flowcharts, courses and quizzes, and then share them with more than 8 million users on this platform.

So, you can browse other people’s learning materials (from teachers and other students), comment on them, or create your own and share them with the community, that way you can all grow together using this free platform.

The Goconqr digital library is huge (+25 million resources), and students can get help regarding any subject and connect with their peers that will be having exams soon.

Chegg Study

If students are having difficulty cramming for their final exams or are stuck on a topic, Study Blue (now Chegg) can help. They can find all the answers they need as the community is full of valuable items.

However, Chegg Study is a paid subscription ($14.95 per month) that offers text book solutions, and expert Q/A to help you learn how to solve your homework.

Also, there is a community-driven library featuring flashcards, forums, and study guides too. There are about seven million active users on this platform, and they can solve all your issues.

You will find in there a giant library with lots of flashcards & study materials available for different levels, topics and subjects.


Brainly consists of a discussion board and has an online forum where students discuss their study issues. If you are stuck and don’t know how to find answers to a question, this site can help out in many ways.

Furthermore, you can expect a quick, clear, and moderated response from different members. There are about 350 million users (students & teachers/experts), and you can search for millions of questions without any delay.


Kialo is a community platform for debates targeted mostly at -but not limited to- college students, it offers the tools for people to start a debate, present their claims, up-vote arguments and make contributions to defend them in a constructive manner.

There are two versions of Kialo: Kialo for educators, and the regular Kialo for public and private debates, and their goal is to encourage people to engage in thoughtful discussion, understand different points of view, and help with collaborative decision-making.

It is a good resource for getting ideas and arguments if you are writing essays or dissertations.


NowComment is one of the most popular-discussion platforms that invites students from all parts of the world to discuss shared texts. You can upload a document and form a discussion area related to that document.

Then, the document is shown on the left side, and you can welcome many students from different parts of the world to share comments about the document. You can control and restrict the comment section as you see fit.

You can also prepare group projects and can review projects and discuss them on this online platform. 

DegreeInfo Forum

Online degree forum is a massive platform for students where you can find a separate forum for every subject and view the forum you are interested in. Most forums in there are very active, and you can find the support you need by getting fast and instant replies.

The main goal of this platform is for students to get all the info they need on the different degrees available to them from experts and fellow students, which would help them in their higher ed orientation and let them choose the appropriate degree / path.

BellaOnline Education Forums

BellaOnline Education forums are particularly beneficial for women as most active users in the forum are women. The BellaOnline forums are ideal for communicating with other female students in the world.

If you were looking for a community of teachers, professors & students that discusses education and career matters from women’s perspective, then BellaOnline Education Forums are what you were looking for.

English Forums

The English Forums is the world’s largest English-language-learning community and Q/A site online, it gathers English learners and teachers from around the world, in a super active community of people that help each other.

Students can exchange their ideas and thoughts so they can score well in exams too. You can get hints, tips, and advice from the experts. There are special community threads where pronunciation lessons are given.

If you have a presentation, you can prepare it along with other students. The traffic is generally high, but it doesn’t affect the speed of the forum.

Research Gate

Research gate is another active online forum with about 3 million users. It will be easy to discover scientific knowledge and stay connected to the world of science with other students’ help. You can join for free and become a member.

And, you can get access to hundreds of millions of publication pages. The data is up to date, and the scientific features are fully explained.

LLM-Guide Discussion Boards

On LLM Guide Discussion boards, you can find a lot of information on distance learning related to different law programs.

And, the students can also get information about the master of law as there are over one million active members.

Find MBA Discussion Board

MBA discussion board is another marvelous board where a total of 2 million active users will be joining you. All the topics discussed here are solely for the MBA students hoping to learn economics & business admin concepts. You can also get great support from fellow students and expert teachers to help you choose better colleges & get better grades.

So, it will be easy for the students to browse business schools, knowledge base, and MBA rankings on the discussion board.

Online MBA Discussion Board

Pretty much the same as the previous one, except this one is for getting a Masters of Business Administration degree online.

Premed 101 Forums

This is probably the largest forum targeted specifically at premed students. Here they can find all kind of useful help and information regarding their exams, orientation and premed / med school topics in general.


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