Best Programming Forums & Online Communities For Software Developers

Programming forums, message boards and online communities support software developers all over the world and promote collaboration & the sharing of information and exchange of knowledge to improve the skills of all members.

With that in mind, we have created a list of the best programming forums & online communities for software developers:

1. GitHub

GitHub is a website made of repositories of code that the members have stored. The members who are developers share the projects that they are working on with each other.

It has over 65 million developers currently as members on the forum who so far have managed to create over 200 million repositories, and the site gets almost half a billion visitors every month.

This repository website supports all file types ranging from text to videos. It is a very good option for developers who want to collaborate on projects.

It allows members to contribute by suggesting new features, supporting another person’s project through coding and so much more.

It is strongly supported by the open-source community where it freely avails a project’s source code to the community. Organizations use GitHub too including google which has a few of its repositories on the website.

2. Stack Overflow

StackOverFlow is a software developers’ forum created back in 2008 by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood. It is a platform where users can ask questions on development and get answers from professional and enthusiast developers.

Members can vote on the answers to a question according to the effectiveness of the proposed solution enabling them to be ranked higher on the website according to their effectiveness.

It has over 15 million users who are registered. Stack overflow boasts a response time of less than an hour, and a total of 200 million visitors per month.

It covers a wide range of programming languages. One of the pros of this site is that it scans most of the questions ensuring they are strictly programming based and very precise, so any ambiguous question or one that might elicit opinion-based responses is marked closed and hence rejected to ensure the site remains effective and precise. 

3. Reddit

Reddit is a website that does social news aggregation, allows discussions and ratings of web content. To participate, one needs to be a registered member.

This allows the member to post content e.g., links, texts, images, and even videos. These posts are then voted on by other members to rank them.

The site covers a wide range of topics, these are sub-classified into communities or subreddits which refer to user-created boards usually named in the following format “r/topic” e.g., “r/programming” (which has around 6 million members.

It was founded in 2005 in the USA. and with the majority of the users from the USA, it gets around 1.75 billion visitors per month. It has more than 150,000 active communities and approximately +3 million subreddits in total.

It is a very resourceful site for people who can dig through the vast information posted there.

4. Code Project

Code Project is an online community made up of over 16 million software developers. This forum allows users to share topics covering a wide range of programming languages.

It offers a registration option for members to enjoy some privileges like coding for other visitors, uploading articles, voting, commenting, and downloading project source codes. And it gets more than 2.5 million visitors per month on average.

The comments and ratings are what are used to rank articles and filter them according to relevance. It has awards that it gives to its members according to categories voted for by other Code Project members and Editors. The website can also conduct interviews with developers.

5. W3Schools

W3Schools is an online school for developers that was initially started specifically for web developers. It is free to use and currently has several reference materials on a variety of programming languages ranging from HTML, CSS to Python and SQL.

They do not have a curriculum, a member is free to pick any tutorial to begin with, according to their level of expertise, however, the course content for each topic is arranged in chronology/difficulty-level from what is considered beginner-friendly tutorial to the more advanced lessons.

It also has a nifty feature where members can code on the website and see the results of their code without installing any software or development environments on their machines.

It is a well-trusted resource center with over 60 million monthly visits and hence recommended to all developers, especially to beginners.

6. XDA Developers

This is a website that contains vast resources, especially on android development. It is a company that was founded in 2003 mostly focused on windows mobile until 2010 where it refocused on android devices.

By then it had 2.5 million registered users, with a response time of 8 minutes on average and +5 million unique visitors per month.

Currently, it is one of the largest online global resources for android developers. It contains, within the site, a forum where developers can exchange ideas and brainstorm on problems faced during their development journeys.

Topics in the forum are organized according to the mobile devices and the operating systems of the devices.

7. Code Newbie

This is a supportive forum that was created by Saron Yitbarek, after hosting several weekly Twitter chats for developers who taught themselves to code.

It is aimed at connecting people who are starting to learn development. It also has a podcast where they interview hundreds of software developers worldwide.

8. Women Who Code

Alternatively known as WWCode, Women Who Code is a non-profit international organization that exists to support women who are in the technology industry.

It seeks to empower women who are in technology through providing skills required for women’s professional achievement. They also seek to educate organizations and other firms in the technology industry to promote the employment of women.

It is a vast network covering over +122 countries with a membership of +250,000 people. It has so far offered more than +15,000 free international events. It works by connecting members online to create business networks with people who will impact their technological skills on them.

The website also shows details of all upcoming organized events so that people can attend.

9. FreeCodeCamp

This is a non-profit organization that relies on donor support to enable people to learn to code for free. It is a website that offers self-paced curriculum courses with certification.

On Average, the courses involve +1,400 hours of interactive coding after which a member is expected to contribute through coding to at least 800 hours on open-source projects for other non-profit organizations.

The courses are more focused on web development and python programming with certifications like Front End Development certification.

It is estimated that on average, at any one point in time, +2000 people are using FreeCodeCamp. This is a good website for beginners who want to learn coding at their own pace and have something to show for it at the end. Plus, it has a forum that gets thousands of new questions/Answers each week.

10. Hashnode

Hashnode is a blogging platform for developers that allows members to publish articles about software development.

The blogs bear no pop-up ads and as a centralized place for all the developers, it allows for search engines like google to direct people searching for related content to the members’ blogs.

This increases traffic to each member’s blog and the audience reach of the content. Currently, Hashnode has +300,000 blogs. And It is also attracting more than 3 million readers every month.

11. HackerNews

This is a social news community that focuses on computer science and the business side of the field. It serves the purpose of promoting innovation and creative thinking.

It is estimated that 8 million people read Hacker news every month. It is also widely trusted as a source of cybersecurity news as it focuses more on that particular field.

It works by allowing users to submit links to stories which are then voted up or flagged. A vote promotes the story, with a 100 votes ensuring the story features on the front page of the site.


Go4Expert is a sitemap for pages and information that relates to software development and information technology at large. It ranks them according to the topics covered.

It also has a section for forums where one can post anything and also search through the problems and the recommended solutions that have been posted so far.

On top of that, it has a community of members behind it that organize events from social meet-and-greets where members get a chance to interact with other members, up to professional events on specific software development topics.

It’s a site built for programmers and the like who don’t want to comb through the internet looking for information. It is a very good source of organized information for developers.

13. Black Hat World

BlackHatWorld is the forum where software developers meet digital marketers, and exchange knowledge and information about copywriting, app development, graphic & web design, SEO, growing the audience for your app or SaaS via white-hat & black-hat tricks …etc.

Members can share ideas and seek advice from peers and grow as a unit. It is considered one of the largest forums when it comes to digital marketing.

It offers a lot of services and information on a myriad of topics, hence might be a bit tiresome when trying to find a solution to a specific problem as a software developer.

14. Hackernoon

This is a community-blogging site meant specifically to cater to the technological niche. It offers opportunities for members to read, write and publish posts on information technology in all its fields, it is somewhat similar to HashNode.

It is estimated to have over 15,000 contributing writers and over 3 million readers every month, and is also geared towards offering information without pop-up ads and other annoying interruptions.

Hackernoon is made of a lean team of fewer than 20 people running it despite its massive success. The membership is free, all one has to do is to sign up for an account, and then they are good to go. The member can also customize feeds to get only what they want.

15. Digital Ocean Community

This is an infrastructure provider based in America. It serves software developers by availing them of cloud storage and resources to enable them to scale up their applications, especially those that run on multiple devices simultaneously. It was founded in the year 2011.

Besides offering a range of online digital solutions, it also incorporates an online forum where members can share information and learn. What started as a support forum for their own solutions, turned into a big community of IT admins & software devs helping each other.

It also has a Q&A forum where users can search through the questions and see the proposed solutions to the problems. Overall, it is quite beneficial to all the software developers that may require its services and support.

16. The Coding Forums

This is a virtual sanctuary for programming enthusiasts seeking a welcoming environment to discuss anything and everything related to programming languages.

From rookies looking to learn the basics to seasoned veterans sharing their insights, this forum provides a space for diverse discussions that span the entire spectrum of programming.

17. Code Forum

For developers hungry for assistance and resources pertaining to languages like C, C++, Java, and Python, the “Code Forum” is a treasure trove.

Not only can you find answers to your burning questions, but you can also explore tutorials, guides, and expert tips to enhance your programming prowess.

18. CodeGuru Forums

In the quest for cutting-edge technical insights and code snippets, “CodeGuru Forums” stands as a guiding light for developers.

The forum’s dedication to providing up-to-date and relevant information equips programmers with the tools they need to conquer challenges and stay ahead in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

19. CodingForum

If HTML, CSS, XML, and related technologies are your focus, “CodingForum” is the online haven you’ve been searching for.

Engage with fellow developers, discuss web development intricacies, and unravel the mysteries of markup languages in this dynamic community.

20. Bytes Developer Community

“Bytes Developer Community” beckons developers and IT professionals to unite in a space where the art of coding and the science of information technology converge.

Here, like-minded tech aficionados can explore languages, technologies, and ideas that drive the digital realm forward.

21. Android Forums

As the mobile landscape expands, so does the need for proficient Android developers. Enter the “Android Forums” a sanctuary for those delving into the world of Android app creation.

Here, you’ll find a friendly community eager to share insights, tutorials, and best practices for mastering the Android ecosystem.

22. DEV Community

“DEV Community” is more than a platform; it’s a movement. Driven by the passion of software developers, this community showcases informative blogs covering a wide spectrum of topics, from JavaScript wonders to web development insights.

23. Digital Point Forums

Delve into discussions that span the programming spectrum, from PHP and PERL to ASP and ColdFusion, on the “Digital Point Forum”.

Here, enthusiasts and experts alike come together to dissect, discuss, and define the world of programming languages.

24. Unreal Engine Forums

Venturing into the realm of game development, architectural visualization, and linear content creation unveils the “Unreal Engine Forums”.

A treasure trove for creators, this community is a hub of insights, tutorials, and news for those venturing into the expansive world of game design.

25. DaniWeb

Navigating the intricate web of IT professionals, programmers, and tech enthusiasts is made effortless through “DaniWeb”.

Here, the digital diaspora converges to discuss, collaborate, and forge connections that transcend boundaries and redefine technological landscapes.

26. Web Hosting Talk

“Web Hosting Talk” transcends traditional web hosting discussions by embracing programming within its vibrant discourse.

Dive into a world where programming intricacies are explored alongside hosting intricacies, creating a holistic environment for developers.

27. Windows Forum

Within the realm of Windows operating systems, the “Windows Forum » Programming and Scripting” takes center stage.

Discover a comprehensive guide to web terminology, explore scripting intricacies, and connect with like-minded developers in this dynamic space.

28. Big Nerd Ranch Forums

Aspiring and established developers alike can find solace in the “Big Nerd Ranch Forums,” an extension of the renowned programming guide.

Dive into discussions spanning various programming languages, connecting with fellow nerds on a journey of continuous growth.

29. C Board Forum

For those entranced by the elegance and power of the C programming language, the “C Board Forum » C Programming” is a sanctuary of knowledge.

Engage with experts, share insights, and unravel the mysteries of C, C#, and Linux programming.

30. AnandTech Forum

The “AnandTech Forum » Programming” delves into the intriguing realm of computer programming.

Unleash your queries, share your expertise, and explore discussions on a myriad of programming languages, including the nuances of Python functions.

31. SpiceWorks Community

For IT professionals immersed in a sea of programming languages, the “SpiceWorks Community » Programming & Development” offers a life raft of support.

Engage with experts, share your code, and navigate the complexities of various programming paradigms.

32. Hack Forums

The “Hack Forums » Programming” section serves as a multifaceted platform where coding, programming languages, and even hacking converge.

Seek assistance, spark discussions on web app development, and unravel the mysteries of coding languages.

33. Webmaster World

Within the dynamic world of website technology, “Webmaster World” emerges as a beacon of knowledge.

Navigate discussions on content, dynamic websites, and languages, unraveling the intricacies that define modern digital landscapes.

34. Code Ranch

“Code Ranch” isn’t merely a forum; it’s a friendly refuge for programming enthusiasts at every level.

Engage in conversations spanning Java, databases, Android, programmer certification, and the realm of programming jobs.

35. DevDojo

“DevDojo” is more than a community; it’s a haven for like-minded geeks eager to collaborate, learn, and create.

Here, developer tools, tips, and resources coalesce to empower the creation of websites, apps, and insightful developer blogs.

36. Experts Exchange

Enter the realm of “Experts Exchange » Programming” section, a haven for those seeking expert solutions to intricate tech queries.

Engage with professionals, navigate the labyrinth of programming challenges, and emerge victorious with solutions in hand.

37. CoderWall

“Coderwall” stands as a beacon of learning, a platform where software developers refine their craft.

Immerse yourself in JavaScript insights, unravel the mysteries of reading Excel files in C#, and uncover the latest design tips and tools.

38. Find Nerd Forum

“Find Nerd Forum” beckons aspiring and seasoned coders alike.

Delve into the art of converting code, seek assistance for Java errors, and unearth programming tutorials that open doors to the realms of web and mobile app development.

39. C# Corner Forums

In the quest for the latest c# and .Net based web & app development skills, “C# Corner” is a guiding light.

Navigate discussions, seek solutions for troubleshooting errors, and even unveil opportunities to get jobs, find consultants, finding help on getting certifications, and more.

40. Developer Fusion Forum

The “Developer Fusion Forum” serves as a digital congregation point for developers seeking camaraderie, knowledge, and insight.

Connect with peers, find answers to burning questions, and stay updated with the latest technologies through in-depth tutorials and articles.

41. Linux Questions

For Linux aficionados and programming enthusiasts, “Linux Questions » Programming” section offers an unparalleled platform for discussions.

Whether you’re wrestling with Linux software or diving into networking topics, this community is a wellspring of knowledge.

42. Bleeping Computer Forum

At the nexus of computer discussions lies the “Bleeping Computer Forum”, where individuals congregate to explore, discuss, and elevate their understanding of programming languages, software updates, and design considerations.

43. GameDev Forums

Last but certainly not least, the “GameDev Forums” provide a playground for those immersed in the world of game development.

Here, developers find tutorials, blogs, projects, portfolios, and news that fuel the fire of creativity, fostering connections within the industry.

44. Python Community

This official forum is the place for conversations encompassing the Python Programming Language, and the operational aspects of the Python Software Foundation which constitutes the focal point of discourse on this website.

45. The Java Programming Forums

The Java Programming Forums serve as a global congregation of Java programmers, uniting individuals with diverse skill sets under a common banner: an unwavering passion for learning and coding in Java.

From novices taking their first steps in Java to seasoned professionals pushing the boundaries of the language, this community embraces all.

Share your insights, seek assistance, and immerse yourself in discussions that span the entire spectrum of Java programming.

In closing, the landscape of programming forums is a boundless expanse of knowledge, innovation, and collaboration. As developers strive to master languages, conquer challenges, and stay ahead of the curve, these forums stand as beacons of support, insight, and growth.

Join one, several, or all to embark on a journey of perpetual learning, connection, and contribution within the global developer community.

And do not forget to check out the other list of useful websites & online forums for tech specialists:


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