Best Web Design Forums & Web Dev Message Boards & Online Communities

Web design forums & web dev online communities are perfect platforms to check out the latest designs, post your thoughts on issues, get ratings on your work, and find solutions.

Countless web design forums are scattered across the web. In this article we list the best web design forums & web development message boards and online communities for you:

1. Webmaster Sun Forum

The Webmaster Sun Forum stands as an invaluable hub for web enthusiasts, regardless of their experience level.

Dive into profound dialogues and an expansive trove of resources, tailored to ensure your triumph in the digital realm.

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned pro, discover a wealth of insights encompassing internet marketing, SEO, social networking, online income generation, web hosting, and affiliate marketing.

Moreover, the forum offers hands-on technical aid for web design, programming, and more. Beyond its technical allure, it’s a burgeoning congregation of kindred spirits, united by a drive to bolster each other’s ambitions and digital ventures.

Nurture your knowledge, forge enduring connections, and embark on a journey of collective growth within this thriving online haven.

2. Stack Overflow

Do you have a difficult coding issue and you have no idea how to crack it? Stack overflow is an excellent forum for you.

This site gives its user the power to post issues that may be overwhelming to them for an open forum of people who code, it is one of the popular developer’s communities that has questions and answers.

The forum gives users the ability to vote questions and answers up and down, the voting makes users raise their reputation on the site.

3. Design Hangout

The Designer Hangout forum is an active forum that houses more than 18,000 members, with a mission to create leading and reliable UX designers, the Design Hangout is not an ordinary go-in web forum for web designers.

The forum has restrictions on users and only invited/qualified designers can access this platform. Once you get full access to the platform, you will find discussions on the newest trend of design, advice, insight from great minds, and a job board for members.

4. WordPress Support Forum

WordPress was officially released on May 27th, 2003, it is a free and open-source CMS that is written in PHP and joined with a database of either MySQL or MariaDB.

The aim of creating WordPress was for a blog-publishing system that over time has evolved to brace other types of web content like mailing, gallery, membership sites, online stores, and management systems.

The WordPress support forum is for any questions you may be having about WordPress, these questions may include: how to design my WordPress website, developing with WordPress, networking WordPress, accessibility among others.

5. SitePoint Forum

The SitePoint is an incredible forum that was founded in 1999 for developers to create world-class internet things.

This site is created by web professionals for professionals: designers, software developers, and web developers. The SitePoint site has an active forum that is created for their community (SitePoint Forum).

Moreover, it has around 3 million monthly visits. You will find helpful discussions about HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, web designs, and UX.

This forum allows you to read their helpful content without creating an account, but to post or comment you must have an account.

6. Coffee Cup   

The coffee cup software forum was founded in 1996 in a coffee shop to help designers make better websites.

It has 200k monthly visits, and most sections in the coffee cup forum include coffee cup products like the HTML editor and such, but it also has an active web design forum that engages in technical discussions.

Moreover, you can access the forum whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newbie/junior web designer.

7. Bootstrap Community

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS/Sass framework that is directed at responsive web applications.  The framework contains CSS/Sass and JavaScript-based designs that are mobile-first for UI and UX web development.

Its forum has over 50k+ active members and a message thread of over 1,500 posts, the community is created for web designers and front-end engineers to keep up with the latest Bootstrap tips, trends, and tricks.

The community is open to users to post questions and issues about the bootstrap framework.

8. Codecademy

Codecademy was founded in August 2011 in New-York, the forum aims at teaching coding skills through online classes. It has an astounding 7 million monthly visits.

The platform has trained over fifty million people in a span of nine years. The Codecademy forum was started as a platform for learners to solidify what they have learned in the Codecademy online classes.

The forum also gives opportunities to learners to advance their careers in the software industry. The forum can be of use to both beginners and professionals.

9. Web Developer

The Web developer community is one of the most active forums for web developers and web designers to review and discuss the many aspects of web design, development, and web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks, and PHP.

This forum contains tutorials, discussions, and advice for beginners to become professionals in web dev and web design.

10. Designer News

The Designer News community is a website made by web designers for front-end developers and web designers to convey the latest trends on mobile designs, CSS frameworks, and more.

It has around 200k monthly visits, an you can easily register yourself into the community to get permission to the latest trending designer deals, jobs, and many more.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional looking for a platform to learn, consult, or a web design job this is the forum for you.

11. Web Design Subreddit

The Web Design Subreddit serves as an invaluable hub for enthusiasts, professionals, and learners passionate about the multifaceted world of web design.

Within this virtual space, users convene to share insights, experiences, and expertise surrounding the intricate realm of HTML, CSS, JS, layout, UI, graphics, and beyond.

From novices seeking foundational knowledge to seasoned designers pushing the boundaries of creativity, the Web Design subreddit accommodates a spectrum of skill levels and interests.

12. The Web Designer Forum (UK)

The web designer forum (UK) is a great place to post your questions and ideas about web design. The forum is designed to engage the users with discussion, photography, business, tutorials, and freelancing among others.

It has segments like the web design forum, web design resources, web development, and SEO/ marketing.

13. Digital Point

Digital point forum is a webmaster community available online, it hosts an active discussion-platform on search engines and how to improve your site’s rankings on the search engines’ results page.

And, this forum always has helpful discussions on web design, web development, marketing, and more.

14. Graphic Design Forum

GDF (Graphic Design Forum) is regarded as one of the most friendly forums for web designers and developers of any level.

Moreover, this community has a high level of activity, feedback, and discussions. It also consists of a variety of common categories about web designs, web development, web marketing, and more.

15. Kirupa Forum

The Kirupa Forum serves as an online hub dedicated to fostering discussions centered around web design and development.

And, It offers a dynamic platform for raising queries, conundrums, and inquiries within the realm of web creation.

This digital arena isn’t just a repository of information; rather, it embodies a collaborative spirit that fuels learning and innovation. Here, participants engage in a spirited exchange of ideas, solutions, and insights.

In sum, the forum encapsulates a platform that bridges expertise and community, allowing web enthusiasts to interact and grow amid the planet’s most distinguished talents.

And with that, I conclude this list of the top 15 best web design & web dev forums and online communities.

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