Cloud Architect (AWS/Azure/Google/IBM): Job Description, Salary, Skills & Career Path

A Cloud Architect is an IT specialist who works to develop an organization’s best possible computing strategy. Organizations hire these individuals to assist with and introduce cloud environments such as the public, private, and hybrid clouds.

It is the architect’s responsibility to support the change and work towards the adoption of these cloud technologies to ensure a smooth and successful transition, as well as to develop new usage patterns and play a role in day-to-day cloud services.

Today, cloud infrastructure and applications are among the most in-demand skills, with endless corporations and organizations reporting the necessity of having cloud specialists on their team to lead their company successfully into the future of cloud computing development.

As a result, cloud architects can enjoy comfortable salaries and job security from their specialty.

Cloud Architect Job Description: Key Roles and Responsibilities

Although a Cloud Architect’s key roles and responsibilities within different organizations and industries may vary slightly, this position is widely responsible for the design and development of advanced cloud-based solutions within organizations that are migrating their existing infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud architects play an important role within the corporation of their employment, and as such, are required to have quite the extensive skill-set and daily checklist.

Although specific responsibilities within jobs of different industries may vary, cloud architects are required to have a strong foundation of experience and knowledge with the following:

  • Introduce cloud adoption and ensure a smooth transition
  • Translate project needs into a cloud structure that suits the requirements of the specific organization
  • Design cloud environments to ensure it meets the needs of the organization
  • Deploy, maintain, monitor, and manage tasks within cloud structures
  • Oversee and ensure cloud security
  • Integrate new applications in cloud environments
  • Train and guide staff on cloud structures
  • Ensure the cloud structure is operating at full efficiency
  • Work and communicate effectively with clients to efficiently implement their cloud strategy needs
  • Conduct migration and bring tools into the cloud
  • Work with virtualization technologies for the most effective server management
  • Communicate with staff and higher ups to align strategies
  • Write and present different findings and techniques
  • Lead and manage teams to propel business into a successful cloud future

Cloud Architect Skills

In order to meet all the above requirements, cloud architects should have a strong software development background, being able to effectively write code in at least one programming language, have knowledge in at least one operating system, understand networking to create secure and scalable cloud-based solutions, know how to use databases, understand security concepts, have excellent leadership and management skills, and have excellent communicative abilities.

Cloud architects need to be able to explain, write, and present their vision and ideas to software developers, managers, other architects, and executives.

Architects must also have good collaboration skills to work well in teams and ensure that all goals are effectively accomplished, particularly within larger organizations.  

Importance of Cloud Architects

Recently, more and more enterprises are adopting multi-cloud strategies as their top priorities, expanding the demand for cloud architects dramatically.

The adoption of cloud computing is a complex and multidimensional project, so it must be treated as a continuous process which can last several years. Even after adoption, it’s management and updating needs to be closely monitored by a specialist.

Thus, having an architectural leader is becoming increasingly mandatory in many organizations.

Becoming a Cloud Architect – Education and Career Path

Like many other technical careers, there are many different paths to becoming a cloud architect. There are no formal educational requirements to specialize in this field, so candidates can choose to have formal degrees, certifications, and/or IT skills and experience to enter into the profession.

Many people have been successful in all the different paths, so find the one that’s right for you and pursue it!

Here are some possible paths to becoming a cloud architect:

  • Obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related subject
    • Cyber security, computer science, information technology, etc.
  • Obtain a master’s degree in a related subject or specialization
    • Business Administration, engineering, telecommunications, etc.
  • Earn credible certification(s)
    • Professional certifications to boost your resume and skill-set include:
      • Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect
      • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert
      • IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect
  • Gain experience through related IT jobs
    • Enterprise Architects
    • Integration Architects
    • Visualization Architects
    • IT Leader or Manager

It is important to note that a cloud architect is not an entry-level position, so regardless of an individual’s educational background or path, everyone is required to acquire relevant experience in information technology services to later transition or be promoted to a cloud architect.

Cloud Architect Average Salary

As a result of their high-ranking positions and the demand for their specialization of skills, cloud architects earn high average salaries across the world.

Cloud computing and technology is projected to continue to grow and expand, and as such, so is the demand for this position within corporations. A cloud architect’s salary will vary across different regions in the world as a result of many different factors.

Averages will be broken down across different locations and experience levels, however, please note that these averages are subject to change.

Cloud Architect Salary in East Coast USA

The average salary for cloud architects in east coast United States regions such as California is about US$132,700 yearly.

Here, salary rises steadily alongside increasing experience levels. Architects with less than a year of experience make an average total compensation of US$91,563, which increases to US$111,041 between one and four years of experience.

Once architects reach the five-year mark, this rises to US$136,127 yearly. With more than ten years of experience, cloud architects in this region make an average salary of US$154,472 yearly, and after twenty years, about US163,069.

Cloud Architect Salary in West Coast USA

The average salary for cloud architects in west coast United States regions such as North Carolina is about US$119,538.

Throughout their careers, salary increases steadily, beginning at about US$93,672 with one to four years of experience. At five years, the average total compensation rises to about US$104,233.

With more than ten years of experience in their mid-career, cloud architects can expect to make about US$125,811, and receive another pay raise to increase the average to about US$132,453 yearly.

Cloud Architect Salary in South USA

The average salary for cloud solutions architects in south coast United States regions such as Texas is US$120,704 yearly.

With only one to four years of experience, these professionals make an impressive US$101,605 average yearly. Between five and nine years of experience, this pay increases again to about US$109,151, and again after ten years to US$127,040 yearly.

In their late career, these specialists earn an average total compensation of US$136,413 per year.

Cloud Architect Salary in Canada

The average base salary for cloud architects residing in Canada is C$105,734 a year including bonuses and overtime pay.

With one to four years of experience, cloud architects in Canada make a total compensation of about C$88,785. After they have reached five years’ experience, this average increases impressively C$125,000 a year, and then again after ten years to C$130,000 yearly.

Across the nation, different locations offer different salary ranges for cloud architects to adjust for the cost of living and other contributing factors. The highest paying regions in Canada include Vancouver, Halifax, and Toronto, that pay an average of up to 11% more than the national average.

Some of the lowest paying regions include Ottawa and Montreal, where cloud architects earn an average of up to 5% less than the national average.

Cloud Architect Salary in the UK

The average base salary for cloud architects in the United Kingdom is about £73,495 per year. Here, pay increases steadily.

With one to four years of job experience, architects can expect to make an average total compensation of £50,000 yearly, after which the average will grow to £71,216 at the five-to-nine-year range.

Experienced architects with more than ten years of experience in the field earn an average of £77,670 per year and rises slightly more after twenty years to about £80,000.

Across the United Kingdom, pay per location differs. Typically, the largest cities such as London pay their architects up to 9% more than the average, whilst smaller suburban areas pay up to 5% less.

Cloud Architect Salary in Europe

Pay across an entire continent is more subject to variations than pay across a nation. Still, it is possible to estimate the continental average by taking the base salary averages of some of the highest and lowest paying countries: the general estimated continental average for cloud architects is about €58,464.

On the lower end of the spectrum are Greece, Spain, and France, and on the higher end are the Netherlands and Germany. Averaging these five countries, we get the continental average mentioned above.

Greece’s average base salary for cloud architects is a total compensation of €29,700 yearly. At the beginning of their careers, cloud architects with one to four years of experience can expect to make an average of about €20,560 yearly, which rises to €27,970 at the five-year mark. With more than ten years, cloud architects in Greece make about €45,000 per year.

Spain’s average base salary for cloud architects is about €51,046 a year, starting at about €45,000 with one to four years’ experience and rising to €50,560 after reaching five years. With more than ten years, architects in this country make an average of €54,164, increasing to about €61,000 after twenty years of experience in the specialization.

France’s national average base salary for this profession is about €62,320 per year. Architects with one to four years of experience can expect to make an average of about €54,500 yearly, and €60,000 after five years. With more than ten years in the specialization, architects in France make about €67,000, enjoying another pay raise after twenty years to average at €70,000.

In the Netherlands, the average base salary for this specialty is €72,423 yearly, beginning at €46,350 with less than a year of experience. With one to four years, this average rises to €62,100, and again to €71,000 after five years. Once workers reach more than ten years, the average is about €77,000, rising once more to €81,000 after twenty years.

Finally, Germany’s average salary is €76,800 yearly. Professionals begin their careers earning about €69,000 and work their way up each year steadily, making about €82,000 after ten years at the position.

Cloud Architect Salary in India

The average base salary for cloud architects in India is about ₹1,660,457 yearly. In this country, pay for this position increases almost exponentially.

At the beginning of their career as cloud architects, professionals with less than one year can expect to make about ₹404,521 yearly. After architects have one to four years of experience, their total compensation averages rise to ₹589,581 per year.

During their mid-career, cloud architects with five-to-nine years of experience make ₹1,482,615 and rises dramatically to ₹2,245,743 after ten years. Finally, experienced architects with more than twenty years of experience in their field make an average total compensation of ₹3,766,887 yearly.

The highest paying Indian regions include Bangalore and Chennai, who pay their architects an average of up to 23% more than the national average. Meanwhile, the lowest paying regions include Mumbai and New Delhi, which pay up to 61% less than the national average.


As one of the most in-demand technical jobs today, cloud architects have no shortage of open job positions awaiting them. In this specialty, the professionals hold a wide range of skills and responsibilities in both the short and long term to ensure the success of the business in which they are employed.

There are many different ways to become a cloud architect, including obtaining formal degrees, gaining experience and working up through the ranks, earning credible certifications, or any combination of these. As the job is only projected to continue to increase in demand, architects across the world enjoy a very comfortable salary range and job security.

Overall, these positions are integral to evolving businesses and are very highly regarded, so specialists in this field tend to have high job satisfaction rates.


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