E-Commerce & Shopify Forums, Message Boards & Online Communities – Top 15

Shopify forums, message boards, as well as online communities about e-commerce in general, are a good place to exchange knowledge and information between Shopify sellers, whether they are beginners or e-commerce veterans.

That’s why I compiled for you a list of the top 15 e-commerce & Shopify forums that will help you in your journey:

1. Shopify Community

Shopify is one of the most popular online communities about e-commerce with around 1 million members. This community was created to help users get connected with the merchants and other partners directly, and get tailored messages and subscribe to keywords that are associated with their interests.

The sellers on the Shopify community describe their problems in the posts, and the helpful community there always tries to do the best they can to solve them..

2. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Shopify entrepreneur is a Shopify FB group that was founded by HeyCarson- a popular Shopify expert. It is a private Facebook group with over 120k members. Only members can see who’s in the group, and what they are posting.

This group was created in 2015, and since then its membership has been increasing exponentially. If you have any problem, just describe it in detail in a post on this group, the members -very friendly btw- will help you to fix it.

3. Shopify Subreddit

Reddit has one of the most active Shopify forums: the Shopify subreddit. It was created in 2011, and has around 150k members.

On this subreddit, you can only post something related to Shopify directly. Any kind of spam or promotion is completely prohibited.

Moreover, any use of offensive language can result in a permanent ban on your account. So be sure to be nice and friendly with others on this community.

4. E-commerce Fuel Forum

The eCommerce fuel forum is very popular among advanced Shopify users. Since if you are looking for pro marketing tips, this would be the place to get them.

This forum has around 20k discussions and more than 100k monthly visits. However, it requires a monthly $49 subscription fee. But believe me when I say it: this community is worth its price tag.

5. The Supplier Central Forums

The Supplier central forum is a great place for getting your store off the ground. This is because it is a networking site that provides massive support to sellers and buyers alike.

It was launched in 2004, and today it has more than 200k active members. There are a lot of Shopify store owners on this forum, so you will get to know the best way of running a successful Shopify store.

6. E-commerce Subreddit

eCommerce is another popular subreddit that is a great place for those who are looking for Shopify forums. It is one of the oldest eCommerce forums as it was created in the year 2008.

Moreover, it has around 160k members out of which you can find hundreds online at any given moment. Similar to other subreddits, this subreddit also has some rules and regulations that you must follow.

The most important rule is that you cannot link to any of your sites or blogs within your post. In other words, you cannot use promotional content in your post. And always be kind and helpful towards the other members.

7. Shopify Experts

Shopify experts is a forum where you can find a lot of experts specializing in designing Shopify stores. If you have any problems, these experts will help you to sort them out.

They will advise you on the best methods and tips that you can follow. Moreover, the experts there can also help in managing the stores and any issues.

So this is a great place if you are looking for a specialized forum, that won’t ask you to spend a subscription fee.

8. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a great place for discussions about online marketing in general, and e-commerce and Shopify stores in particular, for merchants, sellers & store owners.

There are currently over 1 million active members and around 8 million discussions on this forum and it has around 400k unique monthly visitors.

There are so many discussions on this forum, that you won’t even have to post questions whenever you are in trouble. You can just find the answer to your question among the various available discussions through the search bar.

9. Rise Forums

Rise forums is another amazing community that is equipped with all the necessary information that you will ever need about e-commerce or Shopify.

However, on this forum, you will have to spend $10 for registration (a one-off registration fee). Only after registration can you post questions or respond to the posts that catch your interest on the forum.

10. Click Newz Forums

With over 100k posts and 10k threads, Click Newz Forums is of great support for online sellers. This forum is focusing on online businesses so you are surely going to learn a lot.

This forum is part of the Click Newz niche website, operated by Lynn Terry, a digital marketing veteran / guru since the 2000s.

11. Shopify E-Commerce Strategy FB Group

E-Commerce strategy is another great Facebook eCommerce group. You can find everything related to Shopify strategies for selling online here. This is a private group with around 37k members.

If you want to see who the members are or what they are posting you will have to join the group first. This group was created in 2015 and has been going strong since then.

Similar to other Facebook groups, be sure to stay friendly and avoid any kind of offensive language. Any type of hate speech will lead to permanent suspension of your account.

12. Small Business Computing Forums

Small Business Computing Forums is a place for small online business owners to find a way to generate revenue with eCommerce tips, tricks, and advice. This forum is specially designed for beginners.

If you have very little knowledge of running your e-store, then it’s probably best to look at this forum. The community of this forum is very friendly towards beginners, so you are going to learn as well as enjoy discussing with nice people.

13. Shopify Money Makers

Shopify Money Maker is a private Facebook group with around 25k members (intermediate-level to successful Shopify store owners). You will have to fill an application to be eligible to enter this community.

If you have any questions you can post them in this group, but you must remember some of their guidelines. Promotions or affiliate links are not allowed, but overall, it is a great place to learn how you can make money with Shopify.

14. Shopify Free sources

Shopify free sources is also a private group with around 15k members. It’s an amazing place for Shopify tips and services.

It was created in 2016 and has an average of 4 posts per day. On this group, you can share & download Shopify free sources such as themes, apps , design tips and services.

15. The Web Retailer Forum

Another great place to get answers to your questions very comfortably is the web retailer forum. It has around 250k monthly visits and an average of 2 visits per page.

The community of web retailer forum is very active, and whenever you post a question, you will get a response very quickly. The community of web retailer is one of the best communities for Shopify users on the internet, so be sure to check it out.

Well, that’s it for this list. I hope you discovered useful websites & communities. You can check out my other articles to discover more online resources about tech & digital marketing subjects:


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