Forums For Hackers: Top 20 Hacking Message Boards & Online Communities

Hacking Forums are still the main place hackers get together to exchange tips & useful information about IT security, penetration testing, ethical -and not so ethical- hacking, and everything in between.

In this article I compiled for you (in no particular order) a list of the top 20 forums for hackers:

Hacking Subreddit

r/Hacking is a very popular subreddit dedicated to hackers and hacking. It was created in 2008 and it currently has around 1.9 million members. This outstanding number of active members makes this subreddit one of the best online communities about hacking on the internet.

Each day more than 30 posts are added to this subreddit, so you will never run out of hacking knowledge & content. Spam is strictly forbidden on this subreddit but professional promotion is allowed within the rules of self-promotion on this subreddit, otherwise, it will be considered spam. Any type of low effort content is removed, which means you won’t be able to post any type of memes or jokes.

Ethical Hacker Network Forums

Ethical Hacker Network Forum is a great forum for people interested in ethical hacking, with around 75k members, 55k posts, and a monthly traffic of over 30k monthly unique visitors.

There are a lot of discussions available on this forum related to cyber-warfare, hardware, malware, network testing, and web applications. Once you join this community, you will be surprised by the amount of content available on this forum.

Hack The Box (HTB) Forums

HTB (Hack The Box) is one of the best forums related to hacking as around 1 million people visit this forum every month. Moreover, there are several tutorials available on this forum as well, so be sure to check them at least once.

How To Hack Subreddit

How to hack subreddit was created in 2012 and has around 350k members. This subreddit was created to help beginner hackers to reach a veteran level.

On this subreddit, you cannot post advertisements through third-party links without permission. Any kind of spam for traffic is not allowed on this subreddit; your post will be removed immediately. The community of this subreddit is very supportive to beginners so be sure to be nice and friendly as well.

Ask Net Sec Subreddit

With around 160k members, AskNetSec is another popular Q/A subreddit for information related to network security and hacking. This subreddit was created in 2011 and its popularity has been increasing since then.

Re-posting the same content on this subreddit is considered spam and will be removed immediately. Moreover posting low-quality content is also considered spam. It’s advised not to offer or ask for services on this subreddit.

Net Sec Students Subreddit

NetSecStudents is a great subreddit for students studying network security. It is an amazing place to ask questions regarding your NetSec project or if you are searching for resources for a certain subject.

Whatever kind of information related to network security you are looking for you will find it on this forum. This subreddit was created in 2013 and currently has more than 100k students as members.

You can promote your website or channel in the posts but it should not exceed 10% of your posting. This is a place for students to share resources and gather knowledge so comedy posts or memes are considered off-topic.

Raid Forums

Raid forums is a very popular online community for those who are interested in network security and hacking. It has around 643k members and 3,199k posts. It is famous for leaking millions of emails & identifiable information gathered from massive hacks.

Hack Forums

Hack forums has 721k monthly unique visitors . Moreover, you won’t just find information about Hacking & NetSec knowledge but everything related to the world of computers as well.

From software and games to artificial intelligence & programming languages, you can find everything here. The community of the hack forums is very nice and friendly so be sure to follow the proper rules and regulations of this forum.

Black Hat World Forums

Black hat world is an amazing forum, it has message boards about everything, ranging from Scripting to Digital Marketing, E-Commerce & Making Money Online. It has a very friendly and dedicated community of more than a 1 million members.

Black hat world is one of the strongest communities related to information and technology. You can find massive repositories of information and knowledge on this forum so be sure to give it a visit.

Evil Zone Forums

Evil Zone Forums mostly provide fun and educational security and hacking tips & information, and related challenges with more services coming in the future. Some of the popular services that evil zone provides are file and image hosting, tools library, online networking tools, and many more.

Evil Zone is funded by donations, so if you like you can become a Patreon on this forum.

OG Users

OG users is another popular forum with around 500k monthly unique visitors. The average visitor duration for OG users is around 10 minutes. It has spam and jokes actions where all the spam posts are removed, so you don’t have to worry about wasting your time on spam and memes.


With 4 million members, Nulled is a must for those who are interested in network security and hacking. Nulled has a 7 minutes visit duration on average.

Other than network security and hacking you can also find information related to other topics such as cooking, cryptocurrencies, entertainment, gaming and graphics.

UnKnoWn CheaTs

Unknown Cheats is a very popular forum for game hacking. It has around 2.5 million unique monthly visitors and an average visit duration of 5+ minutes. It has around 3m members and 2.5m posts.

This forum is a very good place for you to find information regarding hacking games by exchanging cheat files. In this community you can find and talk to the most intelligent game hackers and programmers. Moreover, the staff team of this forum protect the members of this community from malware attacks. is a Cracking & Hacking Forum, with support for other topics as well (leaks, coding, making money online…etc). It has almost 2m people visiting this forum each month with an average visit duration of 6 minutes.

Leak Forums

Leak Forums is a forum for hackers that has cracked software, CMS templates and plugins, Graphic vectors, resources and more.

This forum has a monthly audience of around 50k unique visitors. With +15k members and 30k threads, this forum might not sound big but it’s a great place for hackers, programmers and developers.

HackThisSite Forums

HackThisSite was launched in the year 2003 and has been popular ever since then, as it has more than 200k unique monthly visitors. It is a community devoted to learning and sharing ethical hacking knowledge and programming expertise.

TryHackMe Forum

TryHackMe forum is another great place for hackers. It was launched to help people connect with like-minded cybersecurity students and help them join a huge community.

It has around 368k registered users and 1.60 million unique monthly visitors. On this forum you can ask questions, meet new people on the same journey as you and share your knowledge.


zSecurity has around 789k followers and is available in more than 210 countries, with more than a 175k unique monthly visitors.

On zSecurity, you can also get information about penetration testing, consulting, one-on-one training, code reviews and online courses.


0x00sec is home of the hackers. You can find here information related to malware, reverse engineering and computer science on this forum.

This forum has a community of around 10k users. It is a great place for beginners because the community here is open towards the newbies and helps them get better.

Hackers Group On Facebook

The Hackers Group is a Facebook group with around 16k followers. This group was created in 2013 with the aim to provide the people information, knowledge about hacking, NetSec tricks and more.

Well, that’s it for this hacking forums list, I hope this has been helpful to you and that you discovered new online communities to reach out to fellow hackers. You can check out similar articles to browse forums and websites in other niches, and for different audiences:


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