Making Money Online Forums, MMO Message Boards & Communities – Top 25

Making money online forums & online communities are the main hubs for online hustlers to exchange ideas, share experiences, and even help solve the mutual problems that they face.

These communities and forums have become an essential part of the online workers’ journey, even to novice people who are just getting started. These are places to get set up with basic yet necessary steps for them to settle faster and get acclimatized to the new working environment.

Below is a list of the best 25 making money online forums, message boards and online communities for people who want to, or are already working online to make money:

1. Making Money Online Forums on Reddit (Subreddits)

Reddit is a social news aggregation site that allows discussions and ratings of web content. To participate, one needs to be a registered member.

This allows the member to post content e.g., links, texts, images, and even videos. These posts are then voted on by other members to rank them.

With the majority of the users from the USA, It has +130k active communities and approximately 2.8 million subreddits in total. It is a very resourceful site for entrepreneurs & online hustlers who want to learn more about making money online.

There are literally hundreds of communities covering topics like e-commerce, drop-shipping, affiliate marketing (and all other sub-topics of digital marketing & seo), blogging, vlogging & streaming (content creation in general).

It also has subreddits for cryptocurrencies, stock market investing, 3d printing, freelancing, flipping, SaaS building, side projects & side hustles, and so much more, we obviously can’t list them all here.

So, Here is a curated list of the Top 15 subreddits about making money online on Reddit:

  1. r/eCommerce: a subreddit for online store owners, ~ 180k members.
  2. r/Dropship: a subreddit to talk drop-shipping with fellow redditors, ~ 140k members.
  3. r/Shopify: a subreddit for Shopify store owners, ~ 150k members.
  4. r/Flipping: a forum for those who flip things for profit (websites, channels, houses, used products…), ~ 220k members
  5. r/Passive_Income: a forum for those building their own passive income streams (not just online), ~ 200k members.
  6. r/AffiliateMarketing: a community for affiliate marketers (CPA & CPS), ~ 100k members.
  7. r/Streaming: a forum for online content creators, especially on streaming platforms, ~ 50k members.
  8. r/Blogging: a discussion board for bloggers & the blogging journey, ~100k members.
  9. r/Cryptocurrency: a forum for people who invest in the different cryptocurrencies, ~ 3.5M members
  10. r/WallstreetBets: a subreddit for retail investors, famous for the whole Game Stop short-squeeze, ~ 11M members
  11. r/SaaS: for those interested in building or selling a Software-as-a-Service (software subscriptions), ~ 30k members.
  12. r/Freelance: a subreddit for freelancers, on-premises & online/remote ones, ~300k members.
  13. r/Work online: a forum for those looking for online jobs, or ways to make money online, ~400k members.
  14. r/JustStart: a forum about affiliate marketing, seo & related topics for both beginners and experts, ~ 100k members.
  15. r/SideHustle: a forum for those interested in making money on top of another full-time commitment, 70k members.

2. Amazon Seller Central Forum

Amazon is the top eCommerce platform with over 197 million monthly visits. It has over 100 million people subscribed to their prime membership with each member spending an average of USD 1,400 annually on the website.

Being the top site in eCommerce globally, Amazon has developed a support system for the sellers on the website. This is where the Amazon Seller Central Forum comes in.

It is a forum where the sellers can discuss and share ideas and help each other solve the challenges they encounter while conducting business on Amazon.

It has links for the frequently asked questions and discussion topics to allow a member who is new on the platform to quickly access these topics that have already been discussed and frequently revisited by newbies.

3. Digital Point Forum

Digital Point is an online forum for matters about search engines and search engine optimization, as well as other digital marketing topics. They offer access for free but also have a premium membership.

This forum gets around 300k monthly visitors and the community is very friendly and nice towards beginners.

So, if you have any questions regarding the online money-making process, feel free to post them in this forum. The community is surely going to help you solve it.

4. Making Money Online Topics on Quora is an online question-and-answer community. This community was founded in June 2009 by two former Facebook employees.

It covers a vast field of topics including how to make money online and discussions on specific online opportunities, their advantages and disadvantages, and challenges faced by current users of said opportunities.

It provides reliable information to entrepreneurs. Quora has approximately 500 million active users every month. The popularity of the site is still growing according to google trends. Daily posted questions on the community can range from 3k up to 5k.

Most of the questions posted on Quora get responses within 20 minutes with the questions stated more clearly getting quicker responses. It is however one of the best sites currently for questions and answers online.

5. Warrior Forum

This is a forum where the more experienced online entrepreneurs train and teach those who are willing to learn. It was started back in 1997, and is currently considered to be one of the largest internet marketing communities.

It has around 500k monthly visits with over 1 million registered members. It has a professional groups like War Room and Warrior Special Offers group which markets product and service sales, freelancers hiring, advertising, eCommerce, and mobile marketing.

6. Wicked Fire Forum

Wicked Fire is one of the best online forums for affiliate marketers. It is more focused on advanced users than new online entrepreneurs.

It gets real-time news from niche people who also offer professional advice. Members of this forum have a chance to make substantial amounts of money.

This forum is considered one of the most serious online forums that give members a chance to earn serious cash.

7. eBay Community

eBay community is an online platform that unites the sellers, buyers, and employees of eBay together to promote sharing of ideas, problem-solving, and learning from each other.

It has several features including the knowledge base, the seller news, and discussion boards. And It is organized as a peer-to-peer platform with the employees taking a back seat.

Due to the large number of people conducting business on eBay, the eBay community platform gets over a 100 million monthly visits. It is a very supportive and resourceful community for making money online.

8. Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is an online community of owners and founders of online businesses for online entrepreneurs & hustlers, from online shop owners, content creators, to SaaS builders & tech start-uppers.

It contains lots of valuable info, and shared experiences, and is very beginner-friendly. It was founded by an early employee of Stripe, and you’ll find in there hundreds of experienced tech founders and online business owners.

9. UK Business Forums UKBF

UK Business Forums (UKBF) is an online community that was created in 2003 to offer support to small business entrepreneurs.

Currently, with over 300k monthly users, it is a great place for business owners who are just beginning, to get all the advice and support they need, tailored specifically to the United Kingdom residents.

10. Beer Money Forum BMF

Beer Money Forums is an online community that covers discussions on how to make money online, cryptocurrency, investing, and several other online money-making methods.

It has over a million monthly visitors, and It offers premium membership for extra features that are exclusive to members.

11. Affilorama Forum

Affilorama forum was created by 2 famous affiliate marketers named Mark Ling and Simon Slade, and ranks in top 5 for affiliate marketing, since it has over a million members that engage actively for discussion of different aspects of online businesses, and specifically affiliate marketing.

To achieve the success of their members they provide tools and training that help in building a successful affiliate business within a realistic time-frame.

12. Business Advice Forum

Business Advice Forum is best suited for small online business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. This is due to the essential advice on how to manage a small business and how to scale the business.

That advice is mostly offered by experienced entrepreneurs who also reply to queries posted by the members of the forum to assist them in solving their business challenges and improve their businesses efficiency.

This forum is still relatively small compared to the previous ones, with approximately 40k members and over 35k discussions on the forum. 

13. Slick Deals

Although Slick Deals is a platform that allows its users to find the best shopping deals online which have been voted on by other members. It has an interesting “Contests & Sweepstakes” that allows you to make some cash online.

It allows the members to also share deals that they have found online that could benefit other users. It boasts 12 million members, with over 60 million monthly visits.

14. Black Hat World

Black Hat World is a popular seo & digital marketing forum. It allows discussions that can improve members’ businesses using their SEO tactics.

It hosts a myriad of experts that are generous enough to share their knowledge and information with the members. It currently gets 2.3 million monthly visits.

However, it has gained a bad reputation from time to time allegedly from its members using black hat SEO tactics that are not deemed ethical and fair in the online market, but that shouldn’t be surprising, it’s literally in their name !

15. The Fa$tlane Forum

The Fast-lane forum is an online discussions board for online entrepreneurs & hustlers, seeking to achieve FIRE (Financial Independence & Retiring Early) asap.

This community has multiple forums for the different MMO categories: e-commerce, crypto investing, digital marketing, content creation, and so much more.

It has around 75k members, and gets more than a million monthly visitors. And, it has an premium “Insiders” membership for extra content/features and a no-ads experience.

16. Alt-coins Talks

AltcoinsTalks is a cryptocurrency forum, for discussions about all alternative coins, tokens & crypto technologies, it contains news, Q&As, and of course crypto investing advice, as well as tips and tricks from other crypto enthusiasts.

However, in anything related to crypto these days, you’ll need to be mindful of the presence of scams, and be able to differentiate between legit advice & scams/spam.

The forum receives over a 100k monthly visitors, and has around 90k members, and is very beginner friendly.

17. Bizdustry Forum

Bizdustry is a relatively small forum about earning money online, where you can talk crypto, business, seo & digital marketing, and how to invest money for a return, with like-minded people.

It has around 10k members, and receives less than 100k monthly visitors. However, it seems to be quite active with a relatively high posting frequency, and an overall beginner friendly vibe.

18. Fiverr Community Forums

Fiverr Community Forums are primarily for freelancers on Fiverr, but you’ll find in there some good advice, tips and tricks that would benefit any freelancer.

If you didn’t know, Fiverr is the largest online platform for micro-services & gigs that start at 5$ (and can go up to thousands of US dollars), it is a marketplace that makes it easier for freelancers & their clients/employers (both individuals & companies) to seamlessly find and work with each other.

The community forums receive a whopping 60 Million unique monthly visitors, making one of the largest specialized online communities on this list.

19. eCommerce Fuel Forum

eCommerce Fuel is a premium forum specifically targeting online store owners who already built their business to 7-8 figures (usd) revenue per year, they claim that their members make 5 million US dollars on average per year.

It has a lot of experienced and professional sellers that offer advice on how online store owners scale their businesses.

It is exclusive to subscribers that pay 99$ per month, so if you are a beginner, just skip this one, it isn’t for you.

20. Upwork Community

Upwork is the largest freelancing website online currently with over 20 million freelancers and 5 million clients registered on it. It brought in over 300 million in revenue in 2019 alone.

With it being such a success, the Upwork community is a global platform set by the company to allow the collaboration between their members. It is where the freelancers can engage with each other as well as the clients and also get in touch with the Upwork representatives.

On this platform, members can discover & share the current features, tips & tricks of Upwork and propose new features as well. It is a good place for giving feedback.

Currently, the Upwork community has over 8 million registered members with about 40 million monthly visitors discussing over 15k topics.

The Upwork community has strict guidelines to ensure professionalism, these include restricting the language to English, no posts about advertising or self-promotions of any kind, and so much more that ensures the community stays relevant and objective.


Go4Expert is a sitemap for pages and information that relates primarily to software development at large but, within this site, there are forums on making money online including freelancing, internet marketing, crypto investing and eCommerce.

It also has a section for forums where one can post anything and also search through the problems and the recommended solutions that have been posted so far.

On top of that, it has a community of members behind it that organize events from social meet-and-greets where members get a chance to interact with each other, up to professional events on specific topics for networking. It currently has around 60k members.

22. Making Money Online Topics on Medium

Medium is an online publishing platform that gets over 160 million unique monthly users. It was created by a co-founder of Twitter. It works by allowing users to post on this site long articles for their viewers to read.

Medium allows one to link their medium profile to that of their social media accounts, specifically Facebook and Twitter. This helps them to take advantage of their social media following and gives their followers access to their work easily.

It is a great place for entrepreneurs to get information on making money online. It offers a platform where experienced and thoroughly researched members can post details and information that will help the readers in their business journey.

23. YTTalk

YTTalk is a forum specifically for YouTubers, You’ll find in there a lot of information on how to launch and grow your YouTube channel, increase your audience engagement, and diversify & optimize your monetization strategies.

It has more than 100K active members, all focused on building and growing YouTube channels, creating a very helpful & beginner friendly community for new & veteran vloggers.


This website is one of the largest websites in the personal finance niche, with over 23.3 million users per month visiting it.

It’s a forum where users visit to get links to the best deals online, best shopping offers, and online sales available. And its forum contains a lot of topics about generating additional sources of income online, that is why I’m including it in this list.

25. BloggerHub

This is an online forum that was established in 2004. It is a forum focused on blogging and has a vast library of information on blogging.

It features discussions, questions, and answers and one can become a member free of charge by registering and posting as per the rules set in the forum.

Well, that’s it for this article. I hope you discovered useful MMO websites, forums & online communities. You can check my other articles to discover more online resources about tech & digital marketing subjects:


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