Digital Marketing Forums for Affiliate, Content & Email marketing – Top 15

Digital Marketing (also called Internet Marketing or just IM) forums, message boards and online communities are still the main hubs where marketers (affiliate, content & email marketers) exchange useful knowledge and information about their field of expertise.

In this article, I compiled for you a list of the top digital & internet marketing forums, message boards and online communities (in no particular order):

Digital Marketing Subreddits

Reddit has been providing updated news and information in different categories and niches based on human interest.

So, If you are looking for good and valuable information specially in the field of digital marketing then this is the right place to land.

In a nutshell, this place is for all those digital marketers who want to have a constructive and professional conversation, and want to gain in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Digital Marketing Topics on Quora

You can ask and answer questions on Quora related to the Digital Marketing topic, plus a dozen of other related topics (check the sidebar).

And, you’ll find in there a global community of helpful people ready to exchange knowledge with you for free.

However, a lot of questions receive spammy answers, especially in internet marketing topics, since they get assaulted by content marketers and affiliate marketers trying to drive traffic to their websites & landing pages, so be mindful of that.

Warrior Forum

Having its presence since 1997, Warrior Forum strives to provide you digital and internet marketing platform and with over 1 million marketers actively engaged in knowledge sharing, this forum is one of the market leaders in its category.

The forum has an excellent moderation team making it quite neutral in nature and is the prime reason for becoming the best choice for the web marketers irrespective of the traffic it attracts or its size.

Users have the choice to decide between premium and free section and to engage in discussion with over one million marketers

Or, you have the option of selling your services or buy services of fellow marketers through the marketplace section.

Also, you can utilize the brilliant minds from the community to grow your startup or to expand your established business.

Digital Point Forums

Digital Point is US based and one of the largest community for internet marketing. It includes a big collection of tools to be used in digital marketing.

Also, it provides relevant and key information to excel in the business world through digital marketing.

With over 25+ posts per day it is the preferred choice for users who want to explore more in digital marketing and to keep themselves updated.

You can find thousands of active members who want to catch up with industry news or to deliver one.

This forum is not only equipped with tools but you can even opt for advertising your services and attracts more than half a million traffic on monthly basis allowing you the network building in the marketing community. 

WebmasterWorld Forums

Another popular forum for news and discussion for the internet marketing community is the WebmasterWorld.

The main aim of this forum is to provide a platform for those who are interested in web marketing, and to equip them with tools and techniques to conduct the business in digital world in the most effective manner.

If you are running a blog related to internet marketing and want to engage with market experts to gain knowledge and get updated, then this place is a smart choice where you can get started.

This forum has a lot of discussion rolling in and out varying from general topics to more technical and complex one.

Most of the available guides and tools related to web marketing are free, making it a plus point for beginners to move ahead and equip themselves with all the necessary information to make their way through digital marketing.   

AffiliateFix Forums

If you are looking for top rated affiliate marketing forum or CPA marketing discussion board with online presence then AffiliateFix is quite a strong choice.

It also offers different tools that help users for conversions and earning profits. Although AffiliateFix is relatively small in terms of members as compared to others, but is highly active and engaging as far as affiliate marketing niche is concerned.

Besides offering the tools they offer attractive deals for the premium forum members including discounts, services etc.

AffLift Forum

AffLift helps in guiding for successful affiliate marketing through case studies, example campaigns, guides and much more.

With the frequency of 15+ posts in affiliate marketing niche, it plays a significant role for newbies as well as experienced professionals to gain useful tips and knowledge.

If you are looking for actionable information with a lot of value, then this premium community for marketing is your bait. It does not matter if you are beginner or expert as it has guides and directory to help both users.

This discussion forum is the top choice for all the affiliate marketers who are dedicated and keenly focused for affiliate marketing.

Affilorama Forums

It was 2006 when Affilorama came into existence by famous affiliate marketers named Mark Ling and Simon Slade.

The forum ranks in top 5 for affiliate marketing and has over 1 million members that engage actively for discussion of different aspects of online business, using digital marketing tools specially affiliate marketing.

They claim to have the goal to minimizing the hurdles for new affiliates and helping them to a successful career in affiliate business.

To achieve the success of their members they provide tools and training that help in building a successful affiliate business within the realistic time-frame.

DaniWeb Digital-Marketing Forum

Based in California and founded in 2002, DaniWeb provides a professional forum for discussions related to digital marketing and helps in growing your online presence in a very effective manner.

It covers all the latest topics in marketing, advertising, seo, social media, back-links etc. In addition to digital marketing this online discussion community also offers graphic design & UI/UX content for webmasters and many other IT pros.

Link Assistant’s SEO Forum

This marketing forum is also quite popular for discussing everything about SEO and internet marketing. It also has good marketing tools which are tried and tested.

You can ask questions directly to administrators or from the experienced marketers, and can get a very practical advice that would help you grow your business through digital marketing.    

Wicked Fire Forums

Wicked Fire is good for learning internet marketing, SEO, strategies for affiliate marketing and much more.

Founded in 2006, this marketing forum claims that every prominent digital marketer from the industry is either their member or has gained knowledge from their platform.

If you want to accomplish much in the digital marketing industry, then you can’t skip this forum which has an active presence for over fifteen years and still counting.

STM Forum

You cannot be wrong to say that the gateway leading to affiliate marketing is the STM forum. Either you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, this forum is helpful in both ways.

Launched in 2011, the forum has the goal to provide valuable information with guides and case studies to form a hub for affiliate marketing, becoming an authority in the respective field.

If you want the input from the masterminds avoiding basic talk from the newbies, then this forum is a must join for you to help you in building your network.

They have the premium group option which would charge you on a monthly basis, but the returns are way higher, giving you access to experts of digital marketing industry, which would help you in meeting your desired goals in the most effective manner.

BlackHatWorld Forums

BlackHatWorld is a great active forum for digital marketers, and despite its name, you’ll actually find decent -and even ethical- knowledge shared there (I know! I was shocked as well when I first saw a member discouraging people from quick black hat schemes…).

You’ll find in there forums about SEO, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, blogging and more.

GrowthHackers Community

The GrowthHackers Community is is a decent destination to help grow your business, collaborate and get inspired. It is fairly new and fairly small.

It doesn’t follow the same structure as the typical forum, instead they are trying to build a community of growth hackers & digital marketers, where people can post, discover and even live chat with each other, on the public feed or on premium rooms.

There is even a section for events, and the whole site just feels like a small social network by digital marketers, for digital marketers.

Google Search Central Help Community

This isn’t a forum per se, it is rather the main support community for Google search console users, which include webmasters, bloggers and digital marketers in general.

Google provides in this community a series of features FAQs and announcements, as well as access to the archive of user support tickets and their answers, which is a trove of hidden gems for internet marketers.

Well, I hope you found what you were looking for in this articles. You can check out my other articles to discover websites, forums, useful tools & online courses in the different tech niches, and for the different audience segments:


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